Supporting Canadian Kids with cancer


Tayven Melnyk

 Tayven, now 4 years old, was diagnosed at the age of 15 months with anaplastic ependymoma.

He had an 8 hour surgery to remove the tumor followed by 33 sessions of radiation. He had a rocky recovery from the surgery and required a trach and feeding tube. He had re-learn all fine and gross motor skills. 
His scans remained clean for 16 months before presenting a recurrence. He had his second 6 hour brain surgery to remove that tumor followed by another 8 months of clean scans before his second recurrence. He then endured 3 rounds of chemo before another MRI presented continued growth and spreading. 

That brings us to current day where we are just having fun enjoying each day.  He loves to laugh, chase his sister and cats and play cars and trains. His journey has taught us some hard but important lessons that include not taking anything for granted and staying present everyday; to just take each moment in.