Supporting Canadian Kids with cancer


Ryan HUI

Ryan, who is 15 years old has been diagnosed with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma.  

Ryan had a chest cough that began in December 2018.  Like any winter cold, he continued to go to school and participate in his sport, music and extra-curricular activities.  Continued shortness of breath lead to a few visits with doctors until an astute pediatrician ordered a chest x-ray and 3 hours later he was rushed to Sick Kids Hospital with an explanation:  Ryan had T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma.  

The thymus gland sits above the heart and manufactures T-cells, which are part of our immune system. The cancerous, immature T-cells had produced a mass that was pressing on his airway.  Luckily, Ryan lives in Toronto and has access to the Hospital for Sick Children, he has had amazing care and started chemotherapy that first week.  Ryan will have aggressive therapy for 6 months to kill off as many tumour cells as possible and then maintain a regimen of therapy for at least 2 years to really beat this rare cancer. 

Ryan is presently in his second phase of intense chemo treatment which will last 8 weeks. The fight has produced some GI issues that have Ryan residing at Sick Kids since March 20th as he is unable to eat or drink.  He’s getting H-angry but fighting on.  Ryan has just started his fight & he’s in it for the long haul.  We are honoured to be fundraising in his name.