Supporting Canadian Kids with cancer


Nicolas de la Fuente

Nicolas was diagnosed at 18 months with Ependymoma brain cancer. He arrived in the emergency room at Sick Kids hospital in Jan 2012, and, due to the size of his tumor, was in the operating room by 8am the next morning.  His 13 hour surgery was to remove as much of the tumor as possible. A second 10 hour surgery followed in February, and Nicolas spent months in hospital recovering enough to finally be discharged in March. After three months in hospital, his family was glad to be home. Commuting back and forth to Sick Kids, Nicolas completed 33 rounds of radiation and 4 rounds of chemotherapy. No one could predict what the future held, but with an incredible amount of courage, support and a wonderful team of doctors, Nicolas continues to amaze us all.

We are thrilled that Nicolas was declared cancer free in Dec 2013, a day we will be forever grateful. Due to the aggressiveness of Ependymoma diagnosis, he continues to have MRIs every 3 month to check for signs of recurrence.

Nicolas is now working hard to recover from his life saving treatments. His balance and ability to walk was greatly affected, it took Nicolas until his 4th birthday before he took his first steps. Nicolas also has had his speech severely affected, he has a few words, signs and a speech picture book that he uses to communicate. The therapies are paying off, and Nicolas was able to start kindergarten in September, joining his big sister at the local public school. He loves Elmo, playing outside, and hanging out with his family. We are grateful for the amazing community supporting our little boy.

Nicolas was given the nickname "The Lion" due to his courage, determination, and strength. It’s a name he continues to live up to everyday and always does so with a smile.