Supporting Canadian Kids with cancer


Jasmine Adams 

Jasmine spent her 13th birthday (Jan 26/19) in Calgary Children’s Hospital in her first round of chemotherapy for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. The weekend before a large group of supporters gave her an impromptu birthday party and 12 people shaved their heads as a fundraiser to pay for a wig made from Jasmine’s own hair.

AML interrupted a busy happy life spent excelling at school (Gr 7), enjoying her friends, raising hamsters, doing crafts, playing flute in the school band, baking amazing desserts, making costumes – her peacock costume won the prize for best costume overall at her large school as well as best handmade costume! Jasmine is athletic; she’s the fastest runner in her class, a good climber, a great alpine skier, and she’s fearless on the wakeboard and water skis.

Her treatment for AML is currently half done. She has to stay in the hospital for the duration (a minimum of four rounds so 4–6 months barring complications) but most days she is given a four-hour pass to go home. Fortunately she lives 35 minutes away so she is able to check on (but not touch) her hamsters, bake some cookies, do a craft, see a friend, and eat dinner as a family.

Jasmine has a beautiful attitude, is always smiling, never complains and has responded very well to the chemotherapy. Her AML is in remission and she is looking forward to re-engaging in her regular life by returning to school for 8th Grade in the fall of 2019.