Supporting Canadian Kids with cancer


Jadyn was diagnoses with a rare form of brain tumour - ependymoma when she was five (5) years old.  For more than half her life she has been battling cancer.  She has had her tumour removed surgically six (6) times, the last being on March 3rd, 2015.  She has also endured over 123 rounds of radiation, making her by far Canada's most radiated child.

Although having cancer is all Jadyn has known, she is so much more than just a pediatric cancer patient.  She is bubbly, she is positive and she is caring.  She is by far the toughest and bravest person that I have had the privilege of meeting. 

Jadyn is also a fantastic spokes person for Childhood Cancer Canada.  She is not afraid to get up on stage and address a large (over 500 people) audience.  We have had the pleasure of having Jadyn speak at our last three (3) events. 

Jadyn Schill