Supporting Canadian Kids with cancer


Isla Grace Kerr

All of us have felt the impact of cancer in some way, however when one of our fellow IT colleagues' is affected by cancer, it's time for everyone to get involved.

Paul Kerr, the CEO of Scalar Decisions and his family have endured a courageous battle with childhood cancer.  Paul's daughter Isla Grace was diagnosed with a brain tumor (ependymoma - posterior fossa/4th ventricle - 3rd most common pediatric brain tumor) when she was 18 months old.  Isla's operations took place at Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital followed by radiation therapy at the University of Florida proton facility.  With this type of cancer there's a 30% - 50% recurrence rate, which comes unfortunately with a worse prognosis.

The Kerr's understand all too well that there is a real need for funding the 14 types of pediatric brain tumors.  The fact that chemo drugs have almost no efficacy is a huge concern.  There is also long-term effects from this type of treatment that even the lucky survivors must deal with.