​​​​​​IT4ChildhoodCancer has raised over $942,670 in support of Childhood Cancer Canada over the last nine (9) year.  And on Thursday June 2, 2022 we will hold our tenth and final event at the Hockey Hall of Fame.


IT4CC solicits support from Information Technology companies and we ask them to come together to help us fund raise for Childhood Cancer Canada.  Each company/team designates a captain and is tasked with raising funds in advance of our June 2, 2022 event.

We pair each team with a Child Ambassador, a child who is currently undergoing or has received cancer treatment.  The strength and the fight within these children acts to inspire and motivate our teams.  

In past years, IT4CC has been a team head shaving event. This year you are not required to shave. Your team can choose how you wish to fund raise!

All teams compete against each other for the top team designation and bragging rights for a year. (Some fun competition for this very worthy cause).

Why shave your head?  A shaved head is a way to demonstrate your support for the children that have lost their hair from cancer treatments. It let's these children know that they are not alone, and that they have a community rallying to support them.

It's always fun to create a Team Designate (if you're team members would prefer to keep their hair). Have a single person represent your team in the hair shaving process. Consider drawing straws to see who on your team would be the lucky (or unlucky) person to donate their hair for this great cause. 

If your team would prefer to fund raise through other means you can be as creative as you like. Here are a few company fundraising initiatives to get you started. 

Sports pools                           Trivia Night                            Games Night
Bake Sale                               BBQ                                      Wine tasting  
Volleyball                                Paint Nite                           

New to Team Fundraising?   

Here are 3 tips to get you started.

Fundraising Tip#1- Donate to yourself first, then ask coworkers, friends and family to match your donation

Fundraising Tip#2- Ask your company to match or donate to your team

Fundraising Tip#3- Ask your vendors and suppliers to donate to your team 

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