Supporting Canadian Kids with cancer


Ayverie Caster

January 2013, 7-year-old Ayverie started to show signs of a typical flu; vomiting, headaches, fevers and dizziness. This started days after returning from vacation from Disney, these symptoms were dismissed to exhaustion and not so nutritious (but delicious) vacation food and treats.

After weeks of back and forth from the doctors, specialists and hospitals on January 31, 2013 through a CT scan a 5cm mass was discovered on Ayverie’s brain stem.  Ayverie was rushed by ambulance to McMaster Children’s Hospital, and into the PICU.  Ayverie had brain surgery the next day in an attempt to remove the tumour, for her best chance of survival.

Ayverie was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Medulloblastoma (brain cancer), one day after her 8th birthday on February 7, 2013.

Over the past 6 years Ayverie has taken on the biggest challenge of her young life…..  To beat cancer! 

Ayverie has undergone radiation therapy (30 sessions for front line treatment), surgery (3 brain - two in attempts to remove as much of her tumours as possible, one ommaya insertion to administer experimental chemotherapy), 2 port insertions, 2 feeding tube insertions, 3 Mic-Key insertion, 1 port removal, 1 feeding tube removal and 1 for a fistula), Chemotherapy  (so many days we’ve lost count-1 year of front line protocol therapy, and 2 years of experimental therapy- 4 experimental protocols to date), Cyber-knife radiation (5 treatments). On August 24, 2018 Ayverie finished 5 more low dose radiation sessions in an attempt of control and shrinkage of the tumours.

Most recently on May 15th of this year, Ayverie suffered stroke like symptoms (slurring her words, and left side numbness and weakness) and a 5 minute seizure at home. She was again rushed to McMaster Children’s Hospital. May 21st, Ayverie woke her mom around 4:15am, as she slept beside her.  Ayverie had a seizure that lasted 35 miutes, throughout that day she had another 2 lasting 7 and 11 minutes.  May 22, Ayveries team prepared Ayverie's mom for the worst, beautiful Ayverie, would pass in 2-3 hours.

On July 23rd 2018, Ayverie walked out of her hospital room, walked past the nursing station, walked to the car, and came home.

Today, Ayverie is 14 years old, has beat cancer twice, surpassed and beat every odds against her, she continues to baffle the medical community and surprise her medical team every day. Currently, Ayverie is still battling for her life.

Ayverie is a strong and spirited, and is determined to continue to beat the odds and FIGHT!

Childhood Cancer has robbed so much from Ayverie over that past years, but never has it taken Ayveries stubbornness, feistiness, drive, Ayverie dimpled smile, giving heart, the Toronto Raptors and Raptors 905’s biggest fan, her willingness to kick her Pappas butt at UNO, and most of all her LOVE for everyone and everything.