2020 Fundraising Teams 


​We currently have twenty-six (26) teams signed up for 2020.  We are looking for between 20 – 25 teams/IT Companies to help us solicit donations for Childhood Cancer Canada.  Each team would be assigned a team captain and they would be tasked with figuring out how to raise funds in advance of our April 2nd event.We have decided to leave the fund-raising plans up to each team.  In the past, IT4CC raised funds through our head shaving events.  We asked individuals to sign up to shave their heads during our event.  Prior to the event, each shavee would create a personalized webpage where they would solicit donations from their colleagues, family and friends.  These donations rolled up to their team total.  Our teams would compete against each other for the top team designation (as we know we are very competitive in the IT industry and this competition greatly benefitted our cause).

It should be noted that the act of shaving was significant.  It was our way of showing our support for the children that have lost their hair during their cancer/radiation treatments.  We used our event to let our children know that they are not alone, they have a community that is here to support them.  This year, we are still planning to support companies and individuals that want to donate their hair/shave their head at our event, but it is no longer a requirement.  If a team/company would prefer to raise donations through other means that would be fine with us.

Supporting Canadian Kids with cancer