Supporting Canadian Kids with cancer



We will be assigning a team ambassador to each team.  The ambassador will be a local child that has or is currently battling cancer.  We want each team to know who they are supporting so that the fundraising becomes a more personal, meaningful experience.  

We have four Team Ambassadors ready for teams right now;

  1.  Anthony Helmer                             6.   Ashlynne Teboekhorst                   11.  Jasmine Adams
  2.  Adam Fiore                                    7.   Brock Chessell                              12.  Noah Mann
  3. ​​ Lauren Odorico                              8.   Ayverie Caster                               13.  Ashton Arnott
  4. ​ Alexandra MacKay                        9.   Tayven Melnyk                               14.  Ryan Hui
  5.  Helena Kirk                                   10.  Tagen Lyster